Horticultural Textiles....the horticultural choice for professional growers
Horticultural Textiles....the horticultural choice for professional growers

Windbreak and Shade Netting

Extruded Windbreak

Extruded windbreaks are produced in tough, long lasting polyethylene as a low maintenance and economical alternative to permanent or temporary fencing.


Tape netting generally used as Shading.

  • Tough, resistant to UV light and rotting.
  • Ideal for exposed or marine locations.
  • Instant protection and easily installed with nails, staples or ties.
  • Long life, low maintenance.
  • Reduces windspeed without creating turbulence.
  • For permanent or temporary fixing, easily cleaned and stored.

Available in 3 grades:

Grey 12mm. x 6mm. mesh. 2m. high x 50m. long.

High Strength
Green 25mm. x 10mm. mesh. 1.5m. high x 30m. long.

Green 40mm. x 20mm. mesh. 1m. high x 30m. long.

High Strength Extruded Perimeter Protection Semi-Rigid Nets

The applications for these products are enormous. Horticulture, sports, leisure, amenity and security. We have a wide range of styles and sizes in polyethylene and polypropylene. Please call to discuss your needs

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