Horticultural Textiles....the horticultural choice for professional growers
Horticultural Textiles....the horticultural choice for professional growers

ROOT OUT, our ammonium sulphamate/sulfamate product

ROOT OUT is now only sold as a Compost Accellerator. It is no longer to be sold as or used for killing tough woody weeds, tree stumps and brambles.

ROOT OUT can be used as a spray or as crystals on your compost heap and works well with most compostable material especially those that need added Nitrogen.



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  • Children and pets need not be excluded from the treated area
  • Good and safe source of Nitrogen
  • Ideal for tough woody weeds, brambles and other compostable material
  • Use as crystals or as a solution
  • Not a fire hazard


ROOT OUT has had its approval for use as a pesticide (herbicide, weed, tree and bramble killer) withdrawn by EU and National Authorities. Its use as indicated by the RHS to help prevent the spread of Honey Fungus (Armilleria) is not claimed by Dax Products.

ROOT OUT is a very safe produce to use and is ideal as a compost accelerator. It also has uses as a flame retardant and in the plastics industry.

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