Horticultural Textiles....the horticultural choice for professional growers
Horticultural Textiles....the horticultural choice for professional growers

Ground Cover

Landscape Fabrics


  • Good chemical resistance.
  • Easy to cut and resists fraying.
  • Raises ground temperature and maintains soil humidity.
  • Resistant to UV light, mildew and rotting.
  • Allows rain water through.
  • Cost effective weed control with minimal chemicals.

Spun bonded UV resistant black polypropylene. It can be cut for through planting. Mulches will substantially reduce photosynthesis by stopping light transmission . However they should for the long term be protected from the sun. They are ideal for landscaping and horticultural applications, as a weed suppressant, soil and gravel separator or base for bark chippings. If good through drainage with better puncture and abrasion resistance is required at the expense of light blocking then consider Plantex, at approx 85gsm it is also heavier duty.

Mulch and Landscape Fabrics.

Bio-degradable film and paper mulches are also available. Details upon request - see below for more details.


Standard 50gsm
1.5m. x 9m £ 7.00
1.5m. x 48m £35.00
1.5m. x 100m £50.00
1.5m. x 250m £120.00
Heavy 60-70gsm
1.5 x 100m £75.00

Please Note: All textiles are sold subject to a -5%/ +10% tolerance. Prices do not include postage and packing

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