Horticultural Textiles....the horticultural choice for professional growers
Horticultural Textiles....the horticultural choice for professional growers

Fleece and Frost Protection

Fleece and Frost Protection

Frost Protection Fleece is available as 17gsm and 30gsm spun bonded polypropylene. They help protect plants against low temperatures, strong winds, heavy rain, snow and hail damage. Plants can be covered or wrapped. Fleece is air and moisture permeable, and should still allow adequate light through. The 17gsm fleece will only protect against light early and late frosts. It should not generally be regarded as suitable for over winter protection.

Please see ‘Insect Barrier’ section for alternative uses for fleece and complimentary use with Crop Netting.

1.5m. wide Fleece is available in 100m. and 250m. long rolls. Both are usually available in cut to length amounts and are also often available in 3m. wide rolls.


17gsm crop cover
10m. x 1.5m £ 5.00
24m. x 1.5m £ 8.00
100m. x 1.5m £25.00
250m. x 3m £75.00
30gsm frost fleece
12m. x 1.5m £ 8.00
20m. x 1.5m £12.00
40m. x 1.5m £20.00
100m. x 1.5m £43.00

Please Note: All textiles are sold subject to a -5%/ +10% tolerance. Prices do not include postage and packing

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